Degrees And Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs: 

Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Art in Christian Education

Master Degree Programs: 

Master of Divinity

Master of Christian Counseling

Master of Christian Education

Master of Christian Mentoring

Master of Theology

Master of Missiology

Master of Missionary Alternative Medicine

Doctorate Degree Programs: 

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Bible Philosophy

Doctor of Christian Counseling

Doctor of Missiology

Doctor of Theology

Doctor of Christian Education

Doctor of Christian Mentoring

Doctor of Missionary Alternative Medicine

Prerequisites for Admission

  • Bachelor Degree Courses

Undergraduate Degree Program candidates must have a high school diploma or GED certificate.

  • Master Degree Programs

Master Degree Program candidates must have a bachelor’s degree.

  • Doctorate Degree Programs

Doctor Degree Program candidates must have a master’s degree or show evidence of course work that is tantamount to a master’s Degree. (Students can be admitted with a different major but they will have to have additional credits to graduate)

Additional Information.

Certificate programs are not in any way related to degree qualification-s programs. Students must have a TOEFL score greater than 550 points or will have to take ESL classes and pass a language exam from CU(International tracks are not applicable) Transfer students can transfer previously college credit hours if the credits are in a relevant subject. The number of credit hours that can be transferred will be determined by the register. CU will not tolerate for the discrimination by age, distinction of sex, a race, nationality or race, religion etc.